Authentic Me

“I’m sick of the advertising world insinuating that we can’t be attractive unless we purchase certain products and services to rid ourselve of our ‘flaws’.” – Debi Drecksler

“Celebrities do not represent beauty. They are expensively packaged to sell themselves to the public!” – Debi Drecksler

Have you had enough of the American obsession with looking perfect? Do you wish we could go back to the days when it was acceptable to have a little meat on your bones, a laugh line or two, and a face that people remembered as YOU?

Join the AUTHENTIC ME CAMPAIGN. Send your thoughts on who and/or what you consider BEAUTIFUL! Let’s redefine the word in this country! Send your comments to

Send your pictures of people that you think are BEAUTIFUL. It can be your grandmother, baby, friend, neighbor even the mailman!

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