Verbal Communication Workshops/Seminars and Classes


Verbal communication is an important business skill. From the moment you answer the telephone or greet someone in person, you are making an impression. If you sound articulate by enunciating your words properly and using proper English (not slang) you are increasing your chances of selling your product or services. Speaking properly is a skill that can be learned. It involves practice. It involves talking to people on a daily basis and not relying ONLY on the internet to communicate. Verbal communication has taken a back seat to technology. How many times have you called an office or dealt with someone in person and felt uncomfortable with the way you were greeted or spoken to? The person may have an excellent resume but may not have any verbal skills. As a former language arts teacher, drama coach and public speaker, I work with people who need help feeling comfortable talking to others from professional to casual interactions. My goal is to strengthen verbal skills for those who need it.

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