I’ve searched my entire adult life for a hairdresser who understood my hair. It hasn’t been easy.

One day I approached a woman who had thick curly hair and a great haircut and asked her if she minded sharing the name of her hairdresser. She said her name was Emilee and gave me the address of the salon. She informed me they only used organic products. With my sensitive skin, this was music to my ears.

I procrastinated making the call (big mistake) because the salon was 60 miles from my home. Months later, I called and booked an appointment. I had no idea what to expect.

Meet Emilee

At 20 years old, Emilee opened a hair salon partnering with her cousin. Best friends since childhood, both decided to attend hair school where Emilee’s cousin became ill from exposure to so many chemicals. Rather than give up, they decided to specialize in organic products.This solved the problem with Natalie’s allergies and provided a healthy alternative for clients in their beautiful mountain town.

Walking into the Green Goddess Organic Hair Salon in Spruce Pine, North Carolina is like taking a step back in the past when folks connected with each other over conversation and often a treat from the bakery next door. No one comes in without receiving a sweet greeting (and if her hands are free) a warm hug.

Emilee is a beautiful young woman with big expressive blue eyes and a magnificent smile. It took me about 30 seconds to feel comfortable. Soon we were chatting like old friends.

From that first wonderful salon experience, I made a decision that the 120 mile round trip was worth repeating several times a year. Not only would I be getting outstanding haircuts and coloring… I would be enjoying the company of genuinely nice people.

In the past year, I have met Emilee’s family, neighbors and friends. Everyone receives VIP treatment and no-one rushes to leave. Stories and photos are shared, encouragement is given and sadly, sometimes condolences on the loss of a loved one. This past visit, I watched a family leave flowers on a table and give Emilee a hug because her beloved Aunt Kim had unexpectedly passed away.

From the little girl in grade school who braided all her classmate’s hair to the woman in her 20’s who owns and operates a successful business… Emilee is an inspiration and a great role model to her generation.

As Emilee says, “Dream big!”

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