2016 will be a milestone year for me. I am turning 65 on January 29th and have designated myself as “The New Face of Medicare”. This is not because of how I look (though the freckles definitely help to peel a few years off), or even how I feel (I have been challenged with a few issues), but MORE because of how I hope to face the next decade of my life!

I think getting old is 90% attitude. If you categorize yourself as that “old person” that’s exactly how people will view you! Now of course, I’m excluding those senior citizen discounts that I so happily accept with a BIG thank you! I just prefer to ask for it rather than be offered it! (Any reader my age will understand that comment!)

I LOVE comedy and keeping a sense of humor about aging is definitely healthy and may even add a few years to one’s life. I’m married to a guy I’ve known since we were both fifteen SO sometimes we forget how old we really are! We will look at each other and say (as we remove our glasses), “You look just the same!”  It’s actually fun to reach this stage of life with someone you grew up with! We share all the same memories.

So as we say goodbye to 2015 and welcome in the New Year, I want to pass on some Ask Bubbi advice…Enjoy every day even if it isn’t the greatest (you know the alternative) laugh a lot and don’t waste your time being miserable over situations you have no control over. Love unconditionally and give out a lot of hugs.

Happy 2016!!!!!


DebiDebi Dec 2015


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