Monday, I filmed a video with my friend and fellow writer, Susan Reinhardt. It was a piece on make-up tips for women over 4o. Susan is known for her funny southern humor and some of her tips will have you laughing. The video was so edited… it barely resembled the podcast, which is also online.

My voice was giving me problems that day and two hours after filming, I lost it completely. I still haven’t gotten it back.

The icing on the cake was when Susan called over a complete stranger and asked her to guess my age. She guessed 37 and I started laughing because as my loyal readers know…I’m 58.

Flattering for a woman who (as you will hear me say on the video) will never inject a poison into her face just to look a few years younger. (go to the video that starts with the word Jif…)
Jif and other makeup marvels (this is the audio version and it included the whole funny interview)

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