In 1966, my family moved away from Coral Gables, Florida. It happened during the summer …Sadly enough, I never got to say goodbye to all my childhood friends.

Fast forward 44 years…I’m sitting in Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC staring at the faces of the Vann twins, who I haven’t seen since 10th grade.

Martin Vann, Debi Drecksler & Steven Vann

“We always wondered what happened to you!” one of them comments. An hour later, we’ve caught up on a lifetime of living and I’m asking them lots of questions. I’m fascinated to hear stories about the kids I went to school with. (Dade Demonstration and Ponce De Leon Jr High). Hearing all my classmates names brings back so many memories. Where did the years go?

Time flies by and suddenly we realize that the staff is patiently waiting for us to leave so they can close up for the evening.

We walk to our cars, hug and say our goodbyes…But this time, not for another 44 years!

I promise you that!

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