I was born in Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida on January 29th, 1951. According to my Mother, I started to come into the world before the Doctor could be located. The nurses were instructed to stop my birth. They held my Mother’s legs together. My Father could hear her high pitched screaming but back then, Fathers were not allowed in the delivery room. When the Doctor finally arrived, I was quickly delivered.

Hours later, a Nun discovered me turning purple and not breathing. My lungs had collapsed from the trauma of my birth. Thanks to her being in the right place at the right time, I was revived. I am grateful that she brought me back to life.

As a child, I had many out of body experiences. They were always the same. At night, after I was asleep, I was lifted out of my bed and  placed on something that felt like a soft, plush blanket. The angels who took me were dressed in flowing robes. We floated in the sky above the clouds. I remember the cool night air. I remember how beautiful and peaceful it was. The angels never spoke to me but I can still see their smiles.

The out of body experiences stopped when I lost the innocence of childhood. I was sexually abused by a teenage counselor on a camp bus. I was about nine years old. I never told anyone about the abuse until I grew up.

Years passed and all this was pushed to the back of my mind. Then as a young adult, I started having dreams, “seeing” things before they happened and “knowing” things I couldn’t possibly know. There were too many things to call them coincidences.  I asked my Mother to once again tell me all the details of my birth. I realized that for a very short time (maybe just seconds) I had actually died. It was then that I started accepting that I had psychic abilities. I had a strong feeling there had to be a connection with my birth.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my childhood out of body experiences and my ability to dream things and see things that others cannot see.

Most importantly, I am starting to understand and really appreciate my gift.

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