Want to see a potential customer make a dash for the door? Get up in their face the minute they walk in…pin them against the wall and tell them to “buy or die.”

Obviously, this is a slight exaggeration but it certainly got your attention. There is a fine line between being an attentive salesperson and being a downright nuisance. A salesperson would not be doing his/her job if a customer was not greeted upon entering a store. It is expected that a salesperson would offer to help and answer any questions a customer may have.

But here is where is the fine line is drawn. A customer does not want to know what a salesperson had for lunch and the rule of thumb is…if the customer can smell the garlic on your breath.. back off !

Another suggestion…Stop babbling. No-one cares how many of these products you have sold in the past month or how you were voted ” salesperson of the year” and won a free cruise. The only thing you are doing is distracting your customer from what they came to do…buy a product.

And last but certainly not least… Be a good listener. Stop thinking about upgrading them to a more expensive item and concentrate on what they are telling you. “We have a certain amount of money to spend and we want the very best deal for our money.

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