I like a show called Are you Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? because I used to teach fifth grade and I remember how smart my students were. I had a few incredibly creative kids that I’ve been searching for online. I want to tell them (all these years later), how much I enjoyed being their teacher.

I had one student who wrote amazing poetry. One night, he slept out in the woods and wrote down all his thoughts in poetic verse. He made it into a book and gave it to me. I still have it to this day!

A Journey Through The Woods

Take a walk in a forest…Listen to sounds….See things….Live things….The earth will share her creations with you as she did with me….Do not only see things and hear sounds….Hear things and see sounds.

Slowly but softly, the small raindrops fall from the sky….The wind plays a lullaby through the trees….I seek shelter under an oak tree…. I sing a little song as I sit here…. The rain stops and I bid the tree farewell…. I thank her for the use of her home…. Nature is kind to me.

Mike Burkett 1973

p.s. If anyone knows a Mike Burkett, raised in Atlanta, Georgia, (he would be about 48 years old now), please ask him to contact me! I was his 5th grade language arts teacher at Our Lady Of The Assumption in Atlanta, Georgia.

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