Dear Governor Beverly Perdue,

Please read Where does the money go? and then explain how North Carolina could possibly have an educational deficit which requires such huge budget cuts. My 4 children are grown and though I am not personally affected… I am still outraged that this could be happening in our state.

Yesterday, I read that a young man who was voted Teacher Of The Year at his elementary school is not having his contract renewed because he’s only taught in North Carolina for a few years, therefore placing him on the first to be let go list. Do you not see something wrong with this? Is this the thank-you we give him for a job well done?

My question is…Where did all the millions of dollars of lottery money go that was earmarked for education in North Carolina? Can you or one of our other esteemed elected officials please give the citizens of North Carolina an explanation of how it was and is being spent. Was some of it borrowed to make up for other deficits? Where is our money?

I have searched for answers and I’m coming up empty-handed.

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