Today I witnessed an act of kindness that touched my heart. I was in a Doctor’s office along with many others waiting to be seen. Next to me was an elderly man in a wheelchair accompanied by his daughter and elderly wife. The daughter had a voter’s ballot in her hand and was helping her Father fill it out. She went through each name on the ballot and waited patiently while her Father made his decision who to select. If he looked confused, she went over facts about each candidate.. The Father was obviously quite disabled and the process took a very long time. Never once did the daughter rush him ..Her loving behavior and positive attitude allowed him to feel respected and dignified even though he could barely talk.

Last year, I witnessed a similar situation (also in a Doctor’s office) ….. A middle aged daughter attentive to every one of her Father’s needs. I complimented the woman for the loving way she treated her elderly Father. She looked at me quizzically and said” Daddy was always there for me. He and Mother were the best parents in the world. I can’t imagine treating them any other way.”

Imagine if everyone felt that way…What a beautiful world it would be.

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