Awakening to several of inches of snow on the second day of March brought back memories of a morning 22 years ago…April 1st, 1987 when a family of newly arrived transplants awoke to 18 inches of snow!

Three of the 4 children had never seen snow and you can imagine their delight. Their ingenious Father created sleds out of cardboard Pamper boxes…Off he and the four children went… wearing so many layers of clothes, it was amazing they could even walk. You could hear the children’s laughter echoing off the hills as time and time again they tried out their makeshift sleds....until finally the cardboard disintegrated.

So here it is… 2009… The Mother opens the blinds of her new downsized home to enjoy the mountain view. As she gazes across the landscape…a gorgeous winter scene that takes her breath away…she remembers those 4 children and that simply perfect day.

Jason, Samantha, Heidi and Paul…I Love You Always.

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