As the going gets tough, crime is on the rise even in our little mountain town. It’s sad when local folks are feeling so desperate they’re resorting to criminal acts. Whether it’s shoplifting, or embezzling money from their employer or armed robbery…so many of these crimes are being committed by first time offenders. And obviously, since they aren’t seasoned criminals most of them get caught.

So what do we do? For starters, we need to keep a strong sense of community going during these tough economic times. Maybe you know someone in your neighborhood who has lost a job and is really struggling to make ends meet.Perhaps they could use a few words of encouragement or a helping hand. No-one should feel that they have nowhere to go or no-one to talk to when they’re down and out.
I’m not saying that we can eradicate all crime but I believe that a strong sense of community can give hope to those in need and lay the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

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