The other day we took a break from moving to have a late lunch at a buffet in our new neighborhood. Across from us sat a young girl brimming over with personality. It didn’t take long for us to engage in conversation. I soon found out that her name was Samantha, she was in the 4th grade and loves sports.She’s played on a boy’s baseball team and has participated in cheerleading and gymnastics. She loves Math and was excited about a Math Club that she was involved in. She told me that when she grows up she plans on being a doctor.What I found most fascinating was how excited this young girl was about LIFE not about what things she had…It was all about the people she loved (including teachers that inspired her),activities that brought her joy and what she wanted to do in the future.

When I went to leave, I told Samantha I hoped to see her again. Her Mother let me know that she and her daughter and Grandma were regulars after school hours.

Then…with all the sweetness of youth, Samantha wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug. It left me smiling all afternoon.

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