I can’t stop thinking about the brutal murders of Jennifer Hudson’s Mother,brother and young nephew. I have watched this young woman’s career from the day she first appeared on American Idol and knocked the socks off the competition with her amazing voice. I think that she truly represents the American Dream..Believe in yourself, work hard and good things are possible.

My heart breaks for Jennifer Hudson’s tragic losses. If I could talk to this beautiful and talented young lady, I would tell her that there are people all over the country who have shed tears for her …People she will probably never meet but who understand her pain.

I believe that Jennifer Hudson will make a courageous recovery from this tragedy. And I believe that every song that she sings in that incredible voice of hers will touch lives even more than before…..She will be inspired by the love for her beloved Mother , brother and nephew that will be in her heart… wherever she goes…forever.

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