Lately I’ve been feeling like my life is on speed dial. Where did the last 10 years go or the last 20? It seems like time went by in the blink of an eye!

Today I’ve been thinking about one of my best friend’s daughter’s weddings which took place last night in South Florida. Sadly, I couldn’t attend. Thanks to the internet the pictures were posted before the ink dried on the Ketubah …I looked at the faces of this family that I love and I grew teary eyed. They are all so beautiful and happy and thank G-d part of something that will go on for generations!

I’ve known my friend since we were toddlers.  We grew up on the same block almost 60 years ago. I have 4 children. My friend has 11. Our children grew up together until my family packed up and moved to North Carolina 25 years ago.  The daughter that was married last night shares my name. One daughter was born on my birthday. The family has grown so rapidly,  (LOTS of grandchildren and more to come) I joke in my comedy routine that if continues at this pace… AT&T has promised them their own phone book.

All kidding aside…My friend and her family have played a very special role in my life! You can’t put a price on friendship but if I had to…I would say our friendship is worth a billion dollars!


Friends Forever

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