I love to help young people prepare for college interviews. I’ve seen the smartest, most articulate students get all tongue tied when a curve ball is thrown at them. No-one likes walking out of an interview feeling like they’d like to rewind the clock and have a second chance!

The suggestions I make can be just as useful on job interviews. The concept is the same…You are trying to make the best impression you can so that “they” (school or employer) will want you!

One of the things I suggest is creating a balancing act when something negative is brought up. ” I see you received a C in 12th grade gym class,” the interviewer says looking over his glasses, waiting for a response.” I wasn’t required to take P.E. in 12 th grade, the student replies,” but I took it anyway because though I’m not the greatest athlete, I believe it’s healthy to exercise every day.” The student’s answer turns a negative question into a positive response!

Be a good listener! Though you’re there to answer questions, you can benefit greatly by listening very carefully to what the interviewer is saying. In between the questions, may lie some very good clues as to what the college or job is expecting from you! For example, the interviewer may be talking about the role their school or business plays in the community and how important community service is to them. Being a great talker is not enough…Be a great listener too!

Even if the question throws you a curve ball, maintain good eye contact, take a deep breath and answer the question as honestly as you can. An interviewer won’t hold it against you if your answer isn’t what he or she expected but it will be a strike against you if you start babbling nonsense.

And don’t forget…Appearance does count..Remember the Debi DreckslerPPP” Rule… Primp…Press and Polish!! From head to toe…Go in to your interview looking like a class act!

Let them remember you for all the right reasons!!

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