My last column talked about my frustration with all the negative headlines in the news media.Even after I wrote my column, I was stewing about it. There are good things happening…but they take a back seat to all the miserable depressing news.

Yesterday, I was talking with the owner of a construction/real estate company who spends thousands of dollars advertising his properties in our local newspaper. I suggested that he meet with the newspaper hierarchies and let them know that he is unhappy with all the dismal reports about the real estate industry. What’s the purpose of spending all that money advertising those properties if the real estate news is always so negative?

What’s happening is…Consumers read those newspaper advertisements and then they read the headlines with all the negative economic forecasts and they get too nervous to spend money. What good does that do the businesses who are supporting the newspaper with their big expensive advertisements.

Perhaps if ALL those big advertisers spoke up, things would change.

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