I wrote away to a few skincare companies whose sponsored ads appeared on Facebook. Each of these companies claimed they were the best on the market. I gave them my background, including my age, and offered to review their products in exchange for samples. I shared that several years ago, I wrote about Organic Coconut Oil and was still singing the praises of this healthy, inexpensive oil that worked wonders on my skin. I suggested they check out my profile photo on Facebook.

Guess how many I heard back from?? Zero!!

Here’s the problem as I see it. Most of the companies are using women in their mid 20’s to late 30’s as their models. They are targeting this age group, trying to give them a sense of urgency about what could happen down the road if they don’t take care of their skin NOW!!! I call it the FEAR FACTOR.

I watched the most bizarre television commercial earlier today. A product was being advertised that, according to the company, reduced wrinkles on 75% of their users so…wait for it… they could delay injections. The models in the advertisement were very young. So is this company making the assumption that women are eventually going to inject their skin with something OR is this a feeble attempt to try to convince women this is what they will have to do to remain beautiful?

It was not difficult for me to understand why no one wrote back. At 68 , I am much too old for them to be interested. I am part of the invisible age group. I laugh as I write this because I belong to a private Facebook group that is filled with beautiful women in their 50’s, 60’s and older, who take their skincare seriously and are happy to share the research they’ve done and the products they find that keep their skin looking fabulous.

I believe the skincare companies are totally missing out on sales by ignoring the age group that has the most disposable income and the best reason to want to purchase products that give their skin that youthful glow.

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