For the last couple of days I’ve been battling a muscle spasm in my back that has been testing my pain endurance. It’s tough when sitting, standing and walking hurts.  It came out of nowhere and hopefully it will go away as fast as it came.

I’ve managed to do my office work, get some of my chores done (nothing that involves heavy lifting or bending) and even do a little writing. I find that if I sit and put all the  pressure on one side of my body, I can manage the pain. Getting up is another story. The other night, I couldn’t get myself out of a recliner without asking for help. I did NOT like that!

Trying to get a restful night’s sleep is out of the question until this muscle spasm goes away. It’s giving me lots of time to think about life, fantasize a little and wonder about the future.

My best fantasy is dancing down a beach with the wind blowing through my hair as I start an exciting new chapter of my life.

All in good time!

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