This morning when I called the pharmacy I’ve used for twenty years, I found out that my daughter’s whole medical history (all the prescribed medications she has ever taken) had disappeared from their computer. I wasn’t aware that if you don’t purchase a prescription within a certain amount of time, you are no longer in the local system.

I wish someone at the pharmacy had informed me of this important detail.. I would have alerted my children.They are all adults now living on their own and I no longer keep track of all their medical records. In this daughter’s case, she has a history of drug sensitivity. She was ill and being treated by a new Doctor. She wanted to give the Doctor a list of the medications that she could tolerate.

Fortunately, I was able to get my daughter the information she needed by calling the drugstore’s corporate office. They keep the electronic files on every patient nationwide for a certain amount of years. They immediately faxed her records to our local pharmacist.

It is so important that people have access to their medical information. My advice…Keep a paper copy of all important information.You never know when an emergency will arise. If you have experienced an allergic reaction to a medication, carry that information with you at all times. Better safe than sorry!

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