I miss my two little ones...This past year, they left Asheville to seek their fortune in bigger cities. I love all 4 children more than anything in the world but the hardest adjustment was when my babies left the nest. You look around and suddenly realize that you are an empty nester in every sense of the word

I’ve been an empty nester for years but the two youngest lived close enough by that a spontaneous family dinner was always possible … especially if it was somewhere besides Mother’s kitchen. (What..you’re tired of tuna casserole?) When the two of them aren’t getting on each other’s nerves, they’re laughing at each other’s antics. Sixteen months apart, they’re as different as night and day and yet in some ways, amazingly alike. Both of them are creative beyond words…always filled with ideas that they love to bounce off me. I am their greatest fan!

Miles apart, we stay connected with wonderful telephone conversations, some of them lasting for hours. I’ll send them funny videos on my cell phone just to make them laugh.

My babies…Always in my thoughts.

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