The other night I went grocery shopping and met a little girl with golden curls…riding in the front seat of a grocery cart being pushed by two young women. She was making up little verses and laughing as she captured the attention of all the other shoppers.

I couldn’t resist complimenting the child and when I did both women smiled and quickly filled me in on how outgoing the little girl was and how she loved to perform for everyone.

We all left the store about the same time. As we got to our cars, I stopped and asked the woman who was loading up the groceries if the two of them were sisters because I thought they bore a striking resemblance. She proudly answered, “Not sisters…But, we’ve been each other’s best friend for over 11 years .”

I looked at the young woman quizzically.” If you don’t mind me asking…Which one of you is the Mother?” She pointed to the other woman who was busy strapping the child into a car seat and said…”That’s the Mommy….I’m the friend.”

What a lucky little girl that I had to ask!

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