I’m a home “seller” and with the economic woes in this country, it’s a tough role to be in.

Personally, I believe from what I have experienced, that if given a choice… a Realtor would prefer to invest their time in a Buyer rather than a Seller. Why? It’s simple arithmetic. It’s a hot Buyer’s market and if a Realtor has a client who wants a house NOW, there are literally thousands to choose from, many of them drastically reduced for a quick sale. End result…The Buyer gets a great deal and the Realtor makes a sale!

So where does that leave the Seller?… Feeling like the forgotten child and wondering what happened to that enthusiastic Realtor who couldn’t wait to get the listing.

I think I speak for other Sellers when I say…This house was my home and the sale of it is very important to me. No matter how slow the market is and how stiff the competition is…I deserve the same consideration you showed me when you first listed my house. Please don’t call me just to suggest I lower my asking price. Call me to go over marketing strategies…make suggestions on how to make my house more appealing…but most importantly, call me so that I will know during these stressful times …that my business is important to you!

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