They say give a job to a busy person and it will get done. Just ask any Mother who works full time and still manages to volunteer at every school function.

I do not have a problem with a Mother of five running for the second highest political office in the country.Why? Because these children have a Father who is perfectly capable of taking over parenting duties.If it was in reverse…the wife would be expected to take charge of the children…no questions asked.

I think this family has an opportunity of a lifetime.Notice I say family because that’s the reality…It’s not just Sarah Palin who would be affected by this amazing opportunity.Her husband and children’s lives would be profoundly changed forever. How many kids get to say….” My Mother..yes my Mother was the first female ever elected Vice President of The United States. “

So to all those judgemental people out there who are shaking their heads ….Don’t be so fast to voice your disapproval until you learn more about this woman…You might be very surprised at what Sarah Palin is capable of handling.

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