Recently, I was one of several locals chosen to do reenactments of testimonials for an international corporate video. The shoot was held in Brevard, North Carolina. When I discovered that Nicole, one of my dear friends (and a talented actress) was also cast in a role, I called and invited her to carpool. My husband, being the gentleman that he is, offered to drive us.

Here’s where the story gets even more interesting. First, a little trip down memory lane.

In 1994, my husband took one of our daughters to a casting call for a movie being filmed in Asheville. The newspaper had made a mistake. They had advertised that they were looking for children as extras but they were actually looking for adults to fill certain roles. My husband (who always gets asked if he is a policeman) was standing in a corner minding his own business, when one of the casting agents asked him if he would like to try out. He looked at the woman like she was crazy. “I’m not an actor” he replied. ” I’m just her Dad” he said, pointing to our youngest daughter. “Well, you’ve got the look we’re searching for” the casting agent said, “so if you’re interested, why don’t you step over here and let me get you on film.”

Minutes later, my husband, a man who prefers to stay in the background, was getting a screen test. They asked him a few questions, including his phone number. He turned to me and said, Debi, what’s our phone number? I never call myself!” Though he thought he totally bombed out, the next day he received a call. He was cast in the film! He played a really bad guy, a crooked security guard in the movie, Richie Rich. His part was filmed at the beautiful Biltmore Estate.Though it wasn’t a speaking role, he had several memorable moments including one where he was the only one on the screen. (He was opening the door to Richie Rich’s mansion…a classic moment on the full screen at the movie theater!!)

Back to 2010…Guess who also was cast in the corporate video? That’s right…Richard was discovered again! I had a feeling it might happen and had included a nice shirt of his in my wardrobe bag. He had no excuse not to accept the job! Just like in 1994, he did an amazing job! The truth is, the guy is a natural! He’s AUTHENTIC…The real deal!! I always thought he would make a great spokesperson for a company because he is the guy on the street…The kind I like to write about!

Beautiful actress Nicole Durant and soon to be famous actor Richard Drecksler

I’ve decided to become his agent for when those offers come rolling in. After all, who else would he want to take to the Golden Globe Awards?


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