The other night I enjoyed another fabulous show at White Horse Black Mountain. This time, it was The Lee Boys, one of America’s finest sacred steel ensembles. “Sacred steel” is described as an inspired, unique form of Gospel music with a hard-driving, blues-based beat. This is definitely not sitting and listening music. I was quickly up on my feet dancing in front of the stage with other music lovers. Founder and bandleader Alvin Lee explains, “The inspiration and feeling that comes along with our music is the reason people feel good. It is like the new music on the block and it’s just getting ready to explode!”

I enjoy everything about White Horse Black Mountain starting with the owners, who have an abundance of energy, creativity and enthusiasm. I was fascinated to read their resumes and learn what inspired their latest venture.

Bob Hinkle ( is a music/entertainment veteran of 40 years, having been an artist and a renowned personal manager. He CEO’d record companies and has been consultant to many of the industry’s most significant companies.

Kim Hughes had a successful opera career in New York for 15 years (still singing) and, together with Bob, ran a multi-use venue in Brooklyn, New York – the Healing Rain Space.

The smoke free club, just voted Best Music Venue 2009 by Mountain Xpress, is spacious, classy and clean. Bob and Kim did a fabulous job creating this unique venue, from the huge stage to the comfortable seating, great lighting and amazing acoustics. It is obvious that every detail was carefully thought out, with the comfort of each guest as their top priority.

Check out the White Horse Black Mountain calender for more great things to come!

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