Big News…another tell all book about a certain female in politics who supposedly had a one night stand with a sports figure many years ago. Wow…this is really important news, worth debating about online and G-d forbid losing sleep over!

Of course, I am being sarcastic.  I am SO tired of the holier than thou bashing this woman. (If you haven’t figured it out, her initials are SP.)

I would venture to say that there is NOT one person in politics who hasn’t done something in their past that they would prefer to file under, “I did a dumb thing  and I not proud of it!”

Here is the REALITY folks…We live in an imperfect world. Now before you start accusing me of being a religious fanatic, let me set the record straight! I am of the Jewish faith. I love my people but I realized many years ago, that we are not above reproach, nor are my friends and neighbors who might believe differently than me. We are all human beings, capable of  human error or poor judgement or whatever you want to call it!

None of this bashing is necessary! None of this will bring world peace, solve the enormous amount of conflict in this country or fix all the things that are wrong right under our noses.

Those are my thoughts and I am happy to share them!

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