I love writing this column and every time I post a new one, I call my youngest son (the entrepreneur) and share more of my thoughts on the subject I’ve just written about. The truth is…I talk a whole lot faster than I type, which is why I really enjoyed being a radio show host.

As much as I would have loved being a television talk show host, I still prefer radio. With radio broadcasting, I don’t have to worry about having a good hair day or whether or not the camera makes me look fat. I can come down to the studio in a trench coat with my nightgown underneath…no-one cares. Even though I’m absolutely adorable (just kidding) my selling feature is my great radio voice.

And the consumer topics we could talk about…The list would be endless. As I’m writing this, a friend just called to vent her frustration.She was on the telephone attempting to straighten out an incorrect invoice and was put through to a heavily accented operator in Asia! My friend would have loved the opportunity to share her thoughts on dealing with overseas operators to handle problems with American companies.

Radio stations out there…Give me a call. Let me show you how Consumer Advocate Debi Drecksler can boost your ratings!

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