Today, I was in a store and the first thing I noticed was how sloppy the staff looked. There were three young women working with customers and all three women had unkempt hair that hung in their faces. Two were wearing khaki pants that were too tight and one bent over and gave the customers a view they could have lived without. I am sure this chain store had some type of dress code but it was obvious in this particular location, it was not being enforced.

You might be thinking…What difference does it make how the staff was dressed…As long as they do their job who cares? Customers care though they are not going to express their thoughts to the messy looking salesperson. Put two sales people side by side…one dressed nicely and one looking like they just rolled out of bed and watch which one the customers approach. A clean cut nice appearance can make a big difference in the sales and service industry.

Here’s an example…My husband owns a commercial cleaning business. When he calls on a potential client (or an established one) he is always freshly shaved and in clean clothes. He even drives up in a vehicle that is shiny and clean. His thoughts are…Why would anyone want to hire a cleaning service run by a man who looks sloppy and dirty? It must be working because he’s been in business for almost 18 years!

I’m not suggesting that we go back to formal attire like the old days but in the sales and service industry being clean and neat is as important today as it was years ago. And it needs to start at the top! Managers take note…The example you set is very important…Clean your shoes, tuck in your shirt and comb your hair. Your employees are taking their cue from YOU!

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