The other day while grocery shopping I did my usual comparative pricing and discovered a store brand of tuna fish that was considerably less expensive than the more popular brands. With all the recent price hikes, I was pleased to have saved some money. What I didn’t realize until I went to open a can was though all the tuna cans (from all the companies) appeared the same size …the store brand was only 5 oz instead of 6oz. I was mad at myself for not catching the weight difference at the time of purchase.

In some cases all the cans, boxes and containers are obviously smaller but since all the older ones are gone you may not realize the difference.“shrink ray”

No matter how you look at it, our food costs are going up. All the more reason to cut coupons, know what specials your store is running and most importantly…stick to your shopping list. Another bit of advice…Eat before you shop because all the tempting snacks are right at eye level .That’s why they’re placed right where you’ll see them when you’re waiting in line to check out.

Being a savvy shopper is no longer an option…It’s a way of life.

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