They say you are as old as you feel. Why is it that so many 30 something entrepreneurs are walking around complaining of exhaustion and stress. What secret can we “old timers” share to help these young people wake up each day with energy and exuberance?

It’s so simple I am considering marketing my concept. It’s called…Attitude Cleansing. Definition…Getting rid of all preconceived notions that failure is right around the corner if success doesn’t happen overnight. This is where the older generation may be able to help. We’ve lived longer, had more ups and downs and learned that patience is truly a virtue.

I don’t blame the younger generation…It was programmed into their heads that they could have anything their hearts desired with a swipe of a card. Media portrays young athletes, movie stars and musicians living lavish lifestyles spending more in one shopping outing than most of us make in a year. It is frustrating to have a dream and watch it evolve slowly…but so much more appreciated than having everything handed to you on a silver platter.

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