As we embark upon a new paradigm of thinking and functioning, I no longer watch television, read mainstream magazines, or keep up with “popular” culture. For too long, there has been a huge gap between what real consumers need and what is actually advertised as “needed.” Do not be deceived by monstrous-sized companies with outrageous budgets. Today’s market is flooded with illusions and toxicity, therefore it’s imperative that we rise above the norm and allow room for higher consciousness to take over the planet. I often think about growing older, but aging will soon be something that is not feared when humanity at large discovers the hidden secrets for longevity, vitality, and youthfulness. Natural miracles have been in existence for quite some time, but the government & FDA have kept these treasures from the public for obvious reasons: If revealed worldwide, there would be NO place for misleading fantastical advertisements, western medicine, traditional doctors, or the pharmaceutical industry!
What NATURAL wonders am I speaking of, you ask? Things like:
. . . Total cell repair (as advertised on commercials during the Kevin Trudeau radio show) . . . . DNA restructuring (administered by highly activated interplanetary light workers) . . . Energetic balancing frequencies (courtesy of Dr. Mony Vital’s quantum resonance program) . . . . Zero point technology (such as the Amega wand) . . . . Infrared ozone saunas (which are proven to KILL CANCER cells from repeated exposure to oxygen) . . . . and Kangen water (which clears skin, detoxifies, cures HIV, and much more!). These are just a few examples and along with the help of a much needed Love Revolution and various “Truth Pioneers”, these things are becoming more widespread and each natural remedy facilitates agelessness and a healthy existence on every level (physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, & energetically).
Rather than spend the precious moments of our lives in frustration over the distastefulness of the advertising beast, I encourage us all to become active participants in the ‘Authentic Me’ campaign and LIVE BY EXAMPLE. This means purchasing products & services that are made by eco-conscious and health-conscious manufacturers and entertaining ourselves with activities like volunteering, artistic expression, and outdoor adventures – NOT watching television, listening to secular radio stations, and paying attention to generic print media. The time has come to desaturate and deprogram our inner workings so that our greatest potential can shine forth! I look forward to sharing this journey with my fellow authentic livers!

Heidi Drecksler

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