I am either a salesperson’s worse nightmare or favorite customer .Why?…Because I ask many questions and do my research before making a purchase. But here is the good news…Because of this, I rarely return an item. Once I make my decision..I make my purchase and I’m out the door.

My pet peeve (which I’ve mentioned before) is a salesperson who has not done his/her homework or pretends to know the information and spits out anything just to make a sale. This is called telling a lie and it is unethical and therefore unacceptable.

My suggestion to customers is…You have the internet at your fingertips..Now use it to your advantage. Let’s say you are buying a car…Google the name and model of the car and the words customer reviews and you will pull up valuable information from real people.Read everything you can that will help you make an intelligent decision.

In today’s world…there is no excuse not to be a savvy shopper!

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