How difficult is it to be happy? Do you wake up every day and have to think about it before you allow yourself to experience it?

How many times do we allow someone else to be the “controller” of our happiness?

Perhaps you’re thinking, “I control my happiness!” Are you sure?

Every day we face “moments” from people we either love, like or maybe dislike. It can be a phone call that we allow to ruin our day, or perhaps a real live conversation (they are getting so rare these days) where we allow a family member, boss, co-worker, friend or even stranger on the street to control our happiness. It might be something someone wrote you on your facebook page or in an email, or maybe a non-verbal moment like an irate driver or an unfriendly face in a check-out line.

It is easy to fall into the habit of relinquishing control of our happiness to another person. Most people do not enjoy confrontations. No-one likes to walk away feeling like the situation was left unresolved. No-one wants to feel rejected.

However, if we look at this in another way, we can gain back control of our happiness. It’s all about prioritizing things in our life.

Ask yourself these questions…

Will being unhappy affect the rest of my day? Will others bear the consequences of my unhappiness? How important is it to me to always be right, or prove my point or come out on top?

After you answer these questions, think about the answers and ask yourself one more question.

Is it worth it?

I am guessing that you are saying, “No!”

My final thought is…To be the controller of your happiness, look at each interaction you have with another human being as¬† an experience¬† in your daily life and accept it for exactly what it is even what you may perceive as the worst moment of your day! Take charge of your happiness…”own it” and think twice, even three times before you give it away!

And most importantly…Have a wonderful day!

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