” I’m sick of the advertising world insinuating that we can’t be attractive unless we purchase certain products and services to rid ourselves of our “flaws”.
Debi Drecksler

Celebrities do not represent beauty. They are expensively packaged to sell themselves to the public!”
Debi Drecksler

Have you had enough of the American obsession with looking perfect? Do you wish we could go back to the days when it was acceptable to have a little meat on your bones, a laugh line or two, and a face that people remembered as YOU?

An American woman (not a celebrity) spends $47,000 a year on her hair, over half of it for hair extensions! What is more pathetic than that is… This is what makes BIG news on the internet!

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I think we have become such a looks obsessed nation that people will rationalize spending money on unnecessary splurges even if it means charging it to their maxed out credit card, so they can have a beauty “fix”.

Who do we blame for this obsession? I think it is a combination of celebrities always appearing flawless and ageless (thanks to plastic surgery and the latest beauty tricks) and the billion dollar world of advertising.

I am inspired by all this to start my own beauty campaign. I am calling it…AUTHENTIC ME

This campaign is for those of us who believes that beauty is NOT what society defines as a perfect body and face!
Readers…Please send me your thoughts!
More details about the AUTHENTIC ME campaign to follow!

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