If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you are in sales.

No matter what you’re selling, we all have something in common. At the end of our sales presentation, we want to close the deal.

I own and operate a janitorial business. Our work is outstanding and our reputation is impeccable. Thanks to my visually appealing, beautifully presented website , I receive hundreds of calls a year.

My company offers free estimates, which allows me the opportunity to meet the potential client and sell my services and, most importantly, sell myself.

Here are some of the things I do to stand out among the competition.

1. I establish rapport with my client from the moment we shake hands. Good eye contact and a big smile are just the beginning. I always say something positive that sets the mood for a pleasant meeting. For example,”I remember this building from years ago before your company took it over. You’ve made some great changes!”

2. Though my website details my services, background and other important facts about my company, I reiterate them. My reasoning is…Though the potential client probably found me online and may have read about my company, he or she also read about my competition and may not remember specific details about my company.

3. I want to be a standout! Think about the last time you purchased a product or service from someone. What do you remember about the person? Did they have wonderful manners, a great speaking voice or a smile that lit up the room? Were they extremely articulate, well poised or charismatic? Did they have a wow factor about them that made the meeting a memorable experience?

In my profession, I may not make a sale of my services at the end of my presentation. Often the potential client will say, “I am getting in several bids and then I’ll make my decision!”

I smile and nod my head because I completely understand why a person would want to compare apples to apples, BUT I do NOT walk away without leaving that potential client with a reason to hire MY company! What I do is similar to what an Attorney does when he or she has their final moments in front of a jury before they deliberate. The Attorney has that last opportunity to make an impression on the jury. What I say about my professional services before walking away may very well be the most important words I say!

We all want the same end result. We want to sell our products and/or services.

It’s how we present ourselves that can really make the difference.

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