A while back, I wrote about being a savvy shopper …https://debidrecksler.com/be-a-savvy-shopper
I believe that this is such an important subject …It is worth discussing again.

Let’s talk about banks and other savings institutions….They will offer all kinds of promotional rates to entice new customers..However, once they have your money in some type of a savings account, they will rarely notify you when interest rates suddenly drop …It is your responsibility to call and see what can be done to earn you more interest. Don’t hesitate to shop around and compare rates. It’s your hard earned money!

Years ago, before cell phones, long distance service on a home telephone cost a small fortune. I was adviced by a representative to call every 6 months to have them reevaluate my service plan.The company never called ME and informed me of specials that were being offered.I saved hundreds of dollars by taking her advice!

The above suggestion also can apply to any type of service contract you have…cell phones, cable etc….Check with the company every few months and see what specials are being offered. What you signed up for may not be the best deal in town anymore. Even if you have committed to a specific service contract, see if changes can be made.

Consumers need to stay on top of their game..

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