I am a little creature of habit…As outgoing as I am, when it comes to trying new things, I drag my feet.

Yesterday I was a client at the Water Lilly Wellness Salon in Asheville. I recently read an article about the salon and the fact that everything they used on their clients was organic.This peaked my interest because I am very chemical sensitive. I also noted that one of the owners, Alissa specialized in cutting curly hair. As a curly head herself..she knew how important it was work with someone who understood our hair.

Let me jump the gun and tell you the ending of the story first. Three hours after being gently worked on…I had a great haircut and gorgeous highlights. Alissa is an artist in every sense of the word. She took her time, listened to my concerns and talked to me as if I was a dear friend.

From the moment I stepped through the door, I was picking up good vibes. Alissa and her partner, Heidi, have created a nice retreat from the hectic world we live in. My visit included a head massage (while my hair was being shampooed) that melted my stress away!

If you live in Western North Carolina, give yourself a treat…Visit the Water Lilly Wellness Salon http://www.waterlilysalon.com.   You deserve it!

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