I love the holiday season but I have one pet peeve. My favorite oldies station has already started playing Christmas music 24/7 and we haven’t even gotten through Thanksgiving yet! It’s too much already!!

I can’t give up singing my songs in the car for this amount of time every year. Not acceptable! This is my stress buster… belting out those 60’s songs, and getting thumbs up from other drivers who obviously appreciate my concert on the highway. (We won’t talk about the handful of rude, obnoxious drivers who make faces at the singing lady).

I feel we overdo the holiday music to the point that I want to scream when I’m shopping and the same three Christmas songs are playing over and over again. It does not make me want to shop more, trust me!

Maybe it’s time to come out with some new ones. I’m going to run the idea by my songwriting daughter and see what she comes up with. How about a song that would encompass all religious groups and offend no-one? Something similar to a hip hop song she and B-Wise just wrote called “Change gon’ come

Throw in a little 60’s rock and roll and I think we have a winner!

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