Writing columns three times a week is a challenge! Notice I say column and not blog because I don’t like the word blog. It reminds me of the word “blah” for some strange reason. Also, having written columns for both newspapers and magazines, I’m more comfortable with the word column.

I see stories in just about everything I experience. I love to educate my readers on consumer issues, make them laugh at the way I see the world, and invite them into my life to share moments that bring me joy.

Some things I choose not to share because I know that whatever I write online will be there forever and I don’t want it coming back to haunt me.

As we head into the holiday season, I think about the things that are really meaningful to me, most importantly, my family. This year, I have shared many stories about my two youngest children, who have returned to the nest as their lives go in new directions. I am their strongest advocate and believe they have great gifts to share with the world.

My children love that I’m in the chocolate business, especially when I ask them to “sample” products. ( I know my friend and fellow writer/chocoholic Darryle Pollack also loves what I do!) Right now my children are salivating, knowing that I just ordered in all their FAVORITES for holiday gift baskets and of course a little sampling!
Who can resist a plate of chocolate covered potato chips? They’re sooo good, I might just whet your appetite and write an entire column about them! Have the milk ready!!

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