It doesn’t speak well of the way products are made today when a shoe repair man tells you not to waste your money having your shoes resoled because they are made so poorly…But on the bright side…Thank you for your honesty sir!

Most mass produced products are not made well today…That’s the reality. To cut costs…inferior materials are used…Work is not being inspected properly and the consumer is expected to understand and accept it…..Wrong!

I am a consumer who is disgusted with the way things are. I am tired of buying shirts that lose buttons in the first wash, mattress pads that tear two weeks after they are put on a bed, washing machines that break every month (don’t get me started on that one), lamps that blow every time you put the correct size bulb in it, air mattresses that pop a hole the first time a guest sleeps on it….the list goes on and on….

It’s time for consumers to take a stand and refuse to accept shoddy workmanship. Take back those items and demand your money back. Write letters to the corporate offices of the companies where you purchased those products and tell them their products are unacceptable.

If enough of us speak out…They will listen!

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