Well folks, I finally did it! Last night I performed at Tomato Tuesdays at the New French Bar at 12 Biltmore Avenue, downtown Asheville. This is an open mic night for comics, where you’re given a certain amount of time to do your thing. If someone in the audience doesn’t like you, they can throw a fake tomato at a big gong and your act is over.

As usual, I was the oldest comic performing. (I could have been the Mother of all, but three of them.) I was also one of only two female comics. That made it even more interesting!

From the moment I got up to perform, I felt like I was at home with a room filled with fellow comedians and comic lovers. I did my shtick (routine) and kvelled (was delighted) every time the audience laughed. When performing in front of a crowd like this, the real challenge is my age and the theme of my comedy. (I’m a 59 year old Jewish g-rated comic). I made up my mind when I started performing seven years ago, that I would be true to myself. I’m a Jewish Mother (and Grandmother)… I can’t curse onstage. It’s just not my thing. I find it a bigger challenge to write comedy without using profanity.

Well, I didn’t get gonged and I do plan to go back and perform again. I just have to resist the (Jewish Mother) urge to pack a few pastrami sandwiches in my purse… for a few of those young comics who look like they could use a good meal!

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