I like setting myself goals…Some of them are very realistic and some are as far fetched as me suddenly waking up 50 pounds thinner with hair that is manageable!

One of my goals is to replace Joy Behar on the View! She’s got her own show now and it’s not like she needs the money! Personally, I think she’s too negative and sometimes downright nasty.

Here’s our similarities. We both have red hair, we’re both voluptuous… Joy is Italian and I’m Jewish (very similar backgrounds). We both are comics but started out as teachers. We both are very comfortable being in front of an audience. (I smile more!)

Here’s our differences. I’m  a good listener and would much rather have a nice conversation with someone than look for reasons to insult them. I am tolerant of other people’s viewpoints.Though I haven’t traveled the world, I have more life experience having raised 4 “favorite” children who keep me on my toes. I have great rapport with the guy on the street because I am one!

I’m hoping that one of the producers comes across this column and loves it enough to call me in for an interview. Who knows…Maybe it will happen on a day that Joy Behar gets under her skin!

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