Tonight on the news they talked about the S A T ‘s and whether or not they are still the best way to determine if a student is college material. I have living proof that the SAT score does NOT determine who will succeed.

In high school, my first born child was in the National Honor Society, voted Most Talented Senior Boy and had a well rounded education.Everything indicated that he was college material. He was refused admission to a prestigious state university because he did not have high enough SAT scores….even after providing documentation of a learning disorder. They turned him down based solely on those scores.

My son attended a private college where the decision to accept him was based on the total package…It was a great decision ! My son did very well in school, served as Student Body President and then went on to Law School. Today, he is a very successful and well respected Attorney.

I believe that a person’s success in school and/or life can be measured more by their life experiences and their determination to succeed than by one written test.

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