Becoming a “people person” is the #1 best tool a salesperson has to work with. Every customer wants to feel special and important as an individual. I often hear salespeople complain that they can’t remember the names of repeat customers. That’s forgivable but forgetting a face is not!

It’s not enough to hand customers your business card and tell them to come and see you again. You need to be prepared for their return!

Look at your customer and memorize details. As the customer is talking to you, keep your eyes focused on the person, putting to memory something about him or her that stands out. Do they have dimples, freckles, a space between their front teeth? Do they wear a hearing aid, funky glasses, rings in their nose? Every person (even identical twins) has something unique about them.

Listen to the customer don’t just talk to them. As a salesperson, you are expected to have a shpiel (story) to give your customer but you will give it much more effectively, if you really look at your customer and pay attention to what they are saying.

I can’t count how many times a salesperson has asked me if I make all the chocolates and cookies that I sell and I answer, “No, the products are made by the finest companies in America…My job is to match my clients up with the products that meet their marketing needs.” Five minutes later, they will say to me, ” It’s so cool that you make chocolate.”

I consider it an insult that what they are trying to sell me is more important than my answer to their question. What it tells me as a customer is…I am not important and you don’t really care what I am saying.

Developing effective people skills can increase your business and keep your customers feeling like they’re your #1 priority!

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