I met a 21 year old food server the other day who I will never forget because of her I can..will do attitude. Here’s her story…

She’s the single mother of 2 beautiful children. The father of her children decided recently that he really didn’t want to get married (the wedding was planned) but she’s ok with that. As a matter of fact, she’s more than ok…She’s back in school getting a college degree realizing that she is the only person who she can count on to make positive change happen!

This young lady’s attitude put a huge smile on my face because she was practicing what I truly believe. Each of us has the ability to make change happen if we are dissatisfied with ourselves, our lives and the path we’re on.

But this takes a lot more than just talking about it. It means making a list of all the things that need to happen to put us in a better place financially, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. And then it means taking that list and starting with #1…making it happen!!

The challenge is sticking to the list because as in the case of this young woman, I’m sure no-one would have blamed her if she had a boo-hoo pity party for being left at the alter and saddled with 2 kids to raise on her own. But being a smart girl, she figured out pretty quickly that this wouldn’t help provide for her children or put food on the table. So she got to work with her list doing the things that needed to be done to ensure her successful future.

The big question is , “How do I motivate myself to stick to a list when there’s no-one there to remind me?” Easy answer…Make copies of that list and place it everywhere you can think of where you absolutely will see it…Bathroom mirror, refrigerator, kitchen counter, car visor…Learn to BE IN YOUR OWN FACE and stop expecting other people to motivate you. Put your expectations in yourself not others!

Practice patience and tell yourself (every day if necessary) that no matter how long that list is, you will eventually get to the end of it and then YOU will reap the success of your endeavors!

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