We live in a world where words are as disposable as the trash we throw away each day. Sound harsh? Think of the times you have had words spoken to you that ended up having no credibility like “No problem, I’ll take care of the situation” or “Call me if you need anything.” How many times have we listened to politicians make verbal promises that end up falling by the wayside?

When this spills into personal relationships, it is much more hurtful. Sadly, there are people who don’t honor or respect words of commitment. Empty promises pour out of their mouths like water out of a faucet. Words like”I will always love you” or “I will always be there for you” end up having no significance. Like a broken record, the words are played back with confusion and sadness.

Years ago, when the world wasn’t so modern and high tech, folks were held more accountable for their words. People lived by a stronger code of ethics. Perhaps it’s because we actually knew and cared about most of the people in our everyday lives.

Words are powerful but they are meaningless by themselves. Hopefully, we can one day live in a world where people will once again take seriously the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.”

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