I’m almost at the point where until Voting Day…I’m going to stop watching television commercials, answering calls from any unknown number and reading any mail that isn’t a bill, a flyer with coupons from a local store or an invitation to a great party. Because chances are… it’s a paid political ad from one of the dozens of people running for office! I think these ads are the biggest waste of money!

I realize that I’m feeling this way because of all the negativity associated with these campaigns.Wouldn’t it be great if a candidate for political office just talked about their attributes without feeling it neccesary to bash their opponent? It doesn’t make me think any better of them..that’s for sure!

I think it’s really important that voters educate themselves but it needs to be done the proper way. Learn all about the candidates…who are these people..what are their political platforms and if they have been in politics…what have they accomplished in the past?

I’m concerned that some Americans are not doing enough research and are making decisions based on what other people tell them or because the candidate looks or sounds credible.

Most importantly…Get out there and vote. No American citizen has the right to complain if they don’t exercise their constitutional right to vote.

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