Have you paid attention to the latest television commercials for pharmaceutical drugs on the market? They’ll show you a smiling person who goes on and on about how they were totally incapacitated until a certain drug came along and turned their life around. You’ll see them dancing, running through fields of flowers and doing all sorts of wonderful things that supposedly they couldn’t do before.
At the end of the commercial, in a voice faster than a speeding bullet, you’ll hear the side effects of the drug which include everything from life threatening reactions to more than I could count problems. Or, it will be written so small even a young person with perfect eyesight can’t read it.

It’s not just drugs given to people with health problems. It’s things like new methods of birth control for women, to make life more convenient. More convenient? The potential side effects list is from here to Timbuktu . I question fooling with mother nature!

Don’t get me started on the list of drugs for my age group that are designed to make us perform like 25 again. News flash for the drug companies…There are many of us out there that are surviving (happily) with the changes that come along with this stage of life, unwilling to take unnecessary risks with our health.

My prescription for a great love life after 50 …A BIG dose of passion, a refillable supply of patience and a daily injection of humor will keep you smiling!

p.s. No side effects reported!

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